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Butler Benefits & Consulting is a next-generation healthcare consulting firm focused on bringing higher quality benefits to employers at lower costs by better managing the healthcare supply chain, choosing strategies that address the highest risk, and measuring healthcare utilization. We believe that Healthcare’s solutions have already been discovered. We are committed to scaling those solutions to our current and future clients.


Health Insurance

Employers of all sizes will find value in working with Butler Benefits & Consulting. If we cannot find opportunities for improvement within your current plan, we promise not to change a thing.


Life Insurance

Butler Benefits & Consulting can provide you access to dozens of national carriers, making finding the right life insurance plan much easier.


Vision/Dental Insurance

At Butler Benefits & Consulting we know how important Dental and Vision care is to families. Keeping with our core vision, we consult with each client to find the right plan and the right level of benefits.


Disability Insurance/

Long-Term Care

You can’t predict what your future long-term care needs are going to be, and Long-Term Care Insurance can help you pay for the care you will need, whether you are living at home or in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Health Rosetta

The Health Rosetta is a blueprint for high-performance health benefits. It is a practical approach built on what successful purchasers do. This is an evolving ecosystem of brokers, advisors, consultants, doctors, attorneys, and a vast network of professionals that are committed to scaling healthcare solutions that have already been validated all over the country. Butler Benefits is proud to be a part of the Health Rosetta, and we’re happy to share Dave Chase’s book, The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream, with all of you. This book not only addresses the largest problems in healthcare that we face, but it also provides solutions and strategies that can be implemented to fix our country’s healthcare crisis.

You can download a free copy of the book here.

This book represents a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry that is much needed. The unique thing about the CEO's Guide is the specific solutions the book discusses. It is a must read for any serious benefits broker/consultant as well as anyone working in the healthcare industry.

- Josh Butler, President, Butler Benefits & Consulting

You can learn more about the Health Rosetta, and how you can become involved by going to: https://healthrosetta.org/.

Our Team


Value-based Primary Care

Properly incentived Primary Care is the front-line defense against downstream costs. . Primary Care doctors who operate under this unique business model typically charge a monthly “fee” or “membership” instead of filing claims with your insurance provider.


Active, Independent Plan Management

Actively managing the healthcare supply chain is critical to lowering costs while improving benefits. Knowing where the highest quality/lowest cost providers are in your area is critical to creating efficiencies within your health plan.


Transparent Pharmacy Benefits

Buyers of healthcare deserve true transparency. Without proper data and facts, buyers of healthcare have no way to make sound purchasing decisions.


Transparent Advisor Relationships

It is time for companies to start demanding that the financial interests of their brokers/advisors be aligned with your company’s interests. Under the status-quo model, brokers make more as your insurance rates increase, and there is no financial incentive for that broker to reduce your costs.


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